Dealing with Windows Sleep

It was a problem with v5 and remains apparently a problem with v6: I notice a “running task” which is a Virus Scan - Full Scan that apparently started at 06:20AM when the PC woke to back itself up. Then it went to sleep and I awoke the PC hours later to find the Scan at about 5% completion. So I go to lunch thinking it will complete over lunch but no…the PC slept and the scan is now at only 25%.

Doesn’t anyone at COMODO know how to write code? How to deal with Windows STES? Come on, this is ridiculous; if it starts a scan it should finish the flippin’ thing and not let Windows go to Power save mode until it’s done with.


There is nothing more maddening to sit-down at ones computer and turn it on to start the day, only to find that it is in the midst of resuming and running a procedure (virus scan, or database update) that it should have completed overnight but is only in mid-stride because the PC went into Sleep or Hibernate during the process.

I am going to continue to complain about this forever, or until the CIS programmers fix the bloody problem!

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Bumping my own thread until Comodo pays attention and fixes this basic problem. Trying to deal with it with Task Scheduler and manual powercfg commands is ridiculous to have to do when MS offers the SetThreadExecutionState function to programmers.

Any programmers at Comodo? No one there uses Sleep or Hibernate?

i looked around and i dont think anyone created a bug report for this so i created one.

Thanks for doing that, though I would not consider it a bug myself (a feature instead) though of course if Comodo intends that certain activities are supposed to hold Windows off from sleep, then they certainly don’t. SetThreadExecutionState fellas.

maybe comodo will say its intended behavior if it is i will create a new wish

Thanks or you could search on and bump my earlier one which is several years old now, since I’ve complained of this since Windows 7 first appeared with its more aggressive power-saving routines. Or maybe it started with Vista but I never climbed-onto that particular platform.

Hi laserfan, the 2 older topics below may be of some interest. :wink:
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Yes, as I said I’ve brought this up before and just found it ridiculous that in my recent upgrade from 5.x to 6.3 nothing has changed–I still have to do multiple tricks with Windows’ Task Scheduler to get this program to behave the way I want: wake the computer a few minutes before its scheduled scan, assert a “no sleep” power configuration, then CIS does its thing, then I have to reset the power configuration again.

A little checkbox somewhere in CIS “Don’t allow the computer to Sleep until scans are completed” would be a lot easier don’t you think? Or maybe it’s a conspiracy to get everyone to ignore the power-saving capabilities of their PCs…

good news this is fixed in the latest beta version of CIS ;D

A quick look at that page and I don’t see it, but will take your word that it’s there and give it a try.

That would figure of course that they’d fix it now, since I’ve spent the better part of two months getting my Task Scheduler tasks to working properly around this ugly problem! My workarounds finally work!


we got word from QA (star group) and i tested it

Thank you for that.

I will probably wait til at least the next rev of v7 just cuz I don’t enjoy so much any more being the “early adopter”!