Dealing with pop-up messages

I installed CIS for a friend when I was visiting them out of state. They are fairly new to computers and call me a lot with questions, especially in regards to Comodo. The problem is they don’t always catch me when CIS pops up a message asking for input and by the time they do catch me, it usually has gone away. Are these messages stored somewhere in a log file so we can find out what was displayed?

On rare occasions I miss them too when I step away and then see the pop-up disappear right when I’m walking up to the computer. So a log file would be most helpful if there is one.

  1. Click “Tasks” in the upper right corner to flip the UI and there you can choose “View Logs” to see what the alerts were about if you missed them.

  2. In Antivirus, Firewall, and Defense Plus, set the “Set new on-screen alert timeout to” to 900 seconds (15 minutes). It will give you more time to notice the alerts.

It amazes me how one can use CIS for years and still find new stuff. That was exactly what I needed, thank you.

You’re welcome! Happy to help. :wink: