De-automation of the sandbox

I don’t know if this has been discussed already. If so, sorry. We all know the weaknesses of the whitelists. I understand the value of sandbox and not going to disable it despite the fact that it annoys me quite often. I would welcome an option for advanced user to ‘de-automate’ the sandbox under sandbox settings. What i mean is a simple message window asking me if i want the unknown file i just executed to be sandboxed (instead of default automatic action). This would make my life with CIS much easier. What do you think?

Wait? there is a weakness of a whitelist? how so?

I believe this is going to help you

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The automation of the sandbox is an essential part of CIS protection.
Remember that we have clean files, infected files and unknown files. The unknown are automatic sandboxed. If you disable it, you need to rely on Comodo Antivirus detections (only).

Corrected by Jacob. Sorry for the wrong interpretation.

Not True! You will still have Defense+

Sandbox is a great component to say the least but is not required to still have that high protection that CIS offers.


I mean the obvious one that you use a software that you know is save but not whitelisted yet. :wink:

I believe this is going to help you

Yes, i know this page. These settings are meant to limit sandbox functionality which is not my point. What i want is to be given a choice for each file i run separately.

Of course :slight_smile: but that is why you can submit them to be trusted :smiley:

Each File? or each unknown program?
Here is another great read

Yeah, thank God for that. :slight_smile:

Each File? or each unknown program? Here is another great [url=]read[/url]

Executables, the ones that get automatically sandboxed. I’ve seen this one too. Trust me, I do know how CIS works and appreciate its philosophy, especially the control it gives to the user. I just want a little more contor over the sandbox. :wink:

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This is already on the wish list see here:

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Thanks! 17 for ‘yes’, that’s great to see i am not alone. :slight_smile: