DDoss And CIS wich one wins?

is it possible to prevent a DDos or defend agains it?
I play a game wich lots of players Ddos others so they can kill them and i just ask becouse i dont wont to be ddosed so can CIS protect us or we are doomed?

If you’re being subjected to a concerted DOS or DDOS (they are quite different) it’s highly unlikely an Windows based firewall will protect you, as the nature of these attacks is to overwhelm the target machine with requests (SYN/ICMP floods, GET requests etc).

Your best option of implementing some degree of self protection, at least if you’re running XP, is to ‘harden’ the TCP/IP stack by modifying some parameters found in the registry. There are various approaches to this.

Reading through The Threats and Countermeasures Guide - Microsoft particularly the TCP/IP-Related Registry Entries beginning on page 268, is a good starting point. You could also take a look at some simplified guides:


Another approach is to download Harden-It and run through the options.

If you’re using Windows Vista or 7 you don’t need to perform the aforementioned tasks, as the TCP/IP stack is completely rewritten and has the ‘hardening’ built-in.

A better approach, assuming you don’t already have one, is to buy a router that has options for helping to protect against such attacks. If you do have a router, you should consult the documentation.

I have a question pertaining to DDOS and Comodo ver 5.x.

I am running ver 5. using the default firewall configuration. Firewall and Defense+ set to Safe mode. The Comodo “icon” on toolbar Configuration shows “Firewall.”

I recollect that in Comodo ver. 3 and 4, there was a DDOS setting option in the firewall configuration options where you could set parameters such as the amount of time to block attacking IPs. Did that option disappear in ver. 5.x? I don’t have it in my current configuation.

The attack detection settings have indeed disappeared.

Since the DOS options are missing from ver. 5.x, it begs the question as to if Comodo provides denial of service protection like it did in prior versions?

I personally don’t care since my router provides that capability. However, my router is a business class device and has a very good hardware firewall along with other protection features that exist in this class of router.

The average home user is most likeliy using some limited feature ISP provided modem/router combo which may not provide a denial of service option.