I have a serious question. I opened up Comodo becuase last time i ran Bit Comet i lost my internet. I opened up bit comet and Comodo stoped working i launched it back up straight away and closed bit comet but i had a log as shown beto be concerned or what?

Date/Time :2007-05-02 18:56:38
Severity :High
Reporter :Network Monitor
Description: DDOS Attack (UDP Flood) 
 Duration: 20 seconds # of packets: 108 # of attackers: 483 
The firewall has switched to EMERGENCY mode

Hey willas00,
first of all let me say that I haven’t got the slightest idea whether you should be worried or not (I’m far from being an expert). However, your question interested me so I googled a bit and found that you’re not the only one having this problem and that CPF is not the only product to report DDOS attacks.
Have a look at the links:

I could’ve posted many more links of that kind but I think 3 are enough.

Hope that helps until someone who knows his “business” can give a definite answer.

The Advanced Attack & Prevention settings determine when emergency mode is activated, how long it lasts, and under specific conditions (e.g. flood and probe rates). Take Grampa’s advice. He knows best. With Bitcomet or other p2p program, you’re bound to have a slew of simultaneous connections. However, this shouldn’t be a frequent occurrence, so it may have been a real attack.

If there’s anything that’s concerning, it’s this part here:

Did you mean your internet, not CFP that stopped working? Emergency mode means net access is temporarily blocked due the events that triggered this.

No it was comdo my internet was fine. It came up saying it stoped working like the Error reporting message but without the report function. I closed Bitcomet down straight away but this has never happened with me before untill recently when this happened

Seems like an issue only the official team can rectify: http://support.comodo.com (Keep in mind they are still trapped in their labs working on v3 ;D).

Hmm…I wonder if there are any logs like from Event Viewer or if it happens again, post a screenshot of the error message.

Hey soya, please stop being sarcastic. :wink:

I mean it! You know a lot already for being a “newbie”


I’ve had some very good teachers at Comodo forums. (:CLP)

ive just been told i should have some ports open for bitcomet to work is that right?

Also is there another Download Torrent software that i can use that wont cause problems?

I used to have it and if I remember correctly, it’s like other bittorrent clients in that only 1 port needs to be opened for acting as the listening port to accept incoming connections.

uTorrent is the best IMO, and I think it’s the most popular. I still use the old 1.6 version until the next 1.7 is stablized.

There are several threads already on p2p and rules, such as this one: https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,7116.0.html

If you find others, you can continue the torrent clients topic from there.

and will UTorrent work fine with Comdo and not loose connection or any thing?

I dont want problems becuase ive had lots of them before

Well, if there are serious problems with uTorrent, I wouldn’t be using it, would I ;). Again, please feel free to continue this torrent thing on a more fitting thread title. (CWY)

Its not only an issue with your p2p client. Its a bug, which I’ve reported here - https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,8123.msg59022.html

I’ve also logged this to the offical support centre.


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More indepth should be giving to posts inhere before “ramdomly” concluding of what the problem are. Also, In addition, giving a lenghtly space of time before closing any thread, does give other users the time and ability to contribute “more” to that particular thread.

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