DDOS Attack (UDP Flood) ??

Hey there

Well basically I have been using Comodo for a while now but about 40 mins ago it has come up in my Logs that there has been 2 ‘DDOS Attack (UDP Flood)’ occur. It says the duration was 23 seconds for each one and lists the number of packets for the first being 257 and for the second 254 and the number of attackers as 512 both times. I have no idea what has caused it though, the only thing I can think of is that I have been playing Battlefield 2142 and Battlefield 2 so that may have something to do with it but I don’t know. Battlefield 2 has been acting strange though, taking a while to connect to servers and Punkbuster kicking me out sometimes saying the client isn’t responding although there’s no popup asking can Punkbuster connect to the internet when I Alt+Tab. Does anyone have any idea what these attacks are and whats going on and how to solve the problem?

Thanks for your help and time.

Add a rule for blocking all ICMP types in the general rule section.
I have problems some times in BF 2 or BF 2142 ,it seems that there are floods on some of those servers.One year ago i never had lags in those games.I think the GameSpy vulnerability is the problem,its an old issue.Also some admins or hackers from some servers may “do” something to you.
Best way to get rid of such issues is to have a good CPU and wide bandwidth and ofcourse to avoid the “strange” servers.Play on official EA partners servers.

this also happens with Counterstrike Source .
I believe it’s because Steam uses bit-torrent to distribute updates, maybe BF does the same ?