DDoS Attack on CPF

This is what happens when you get a Port Scan + D/DoS Attack on your system:::
(On default). CFP automatically blocks the suspicious host for about 5 minutes and CPF will stay on an emergency mode(blocking all traffic) for 120 secounds, whilst your system in still under attack!
A Good feature isn’t it? Yeah!

Here’re the bugs:
1- After the attacks /or/ After time expires

- After this attacks, CPF does [b]NOT[/b] return back to a secure/normal mode(still hangs on the emergency mode indefinately regardless of what settings you have under the "Instrusion Detection" Tab

Exit CPF and re-open does NOT solve this issue


  • Under the Security Tab → Network Monitor → Turn Off
  • Adjust security Level → Allow All
  • A Reboot
    This does not look suitable for people running CPF on a SEVER Box, isn’t it?

2- Another bug which I’ve already reported back at the days(~8months ago -IIRC).

- Activity - Logs - Max Log Size:: Change it to 100MB and then click on the "Connection Tab && back to the Logs Tab" ---> Max Log Size goes back to 5MB


  • None for now.
  • Or manage a 50MB log size

Affected Versions: All CPF prior to current:
Screenshot attached:


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Same bug as stated in Item #1- does not return to normal mode after repeated DDOS Syn Flood attacks.
Version database 3.0
windoze 2003 so In before Version 3, turn off