DC++ wont work after uninstall CFP 3

When I had CFP 3 running i couldnt download nor search. But know when i uninstalled and rebooted it wont work either.

Before I installed CFP it worked well. Someone know what I can do to fix this issue?

Some more info: Windows XP Home is the operating system and tried the registry batch from the uninstall topic.

Hey welcome to the forums, are you sure that your uninstall went smoothly?

Here are some instructions if you need help uninstalling it.

Also check out the screen shot I have attached.

EDIT: also you could try a system restore.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I havent made a system restore point, so that wont work.

I think it went smoothly cause i got the message to restart en was redirected to the website for some feedback. Then i ran the registry remover batch file and then i rebooted again. So i don’t understand why it will still not work.

Btw what can i do with the screen shot, the program is not running anymore.