Dc com exploit attack message

I`ve installed comodo firewall yesterday ,since then I keep getting the following message from Avast antivirus:

Dc com exploit attack blocked (in the down left hand side).

What is it and and what can I do ? Is comodo compatible with Avast?
Running sandboxed /win xp pro/browser:firefox
Any help will be appreciated

I didn’t get from you any kind of response, I posted the issue about 10 hours ago.
Please any assistance?, I wouldn’t like to uninstall.
Thanks again

Hey there,

I have no idea what the sign given by Avast is as I don’t use it. I’ve seen you posted also in there forums. I hope you will get an answer there about it :slight_smile:

Comodo is fully compatible with Avast, at least, we haven’t got any problems reported from it.
I’m sad I couldn’t help you but will search a bit further in the meantime

But I do advise you Secunia Software inspector and see if there are any un-updated versions, if there are please update them first… also use Comodo Memory Firewall

ps : Welcome to the forums (:HUG)


Just a simple compilation of the thread.

The RPC/DCOM exploit is a vulnerability that allows an attacker to gain access to the destination machine by sending a malformed packet to the DCOM service. It uses the RPC TCP port 135.

You can disable the popup in Avast Network Shield provider.

  • Make sure you have ALL security patches/updates from Microsoft.
  • Use a firewall. Best is a router with hardware firewall.

This should be an infection on your network which is trying to spread on your pc. Avast is protection you from that. You can safely disable this notification as it is just annoying and the webshield will still block it…


Not sure why Avast has that message going on, it seems as though the DCOM exploit was fixed by M$ in 2003.
There’s a download in the last post in that thread, which will give you a program that takes cares of other things that go along with the DCOM patch/exploit mess…

Try it, can’t hurt.