DBRUupdate.exe firewall popped up and asked me what to do

I just got an alert from Comodo Firewall about DBRUupdate.exe I could not find anything on the file. While I was looking the alert disappeared. It is not showing up in the widget for sandboxed files. I did a scan with CIS, and it did not come up on files that were unknown. I don’t know what Comodo did to it. Any suggestions? I suspect this is some type of malware. (since I could not find it to upload it to a site checker for files)
I finally found out how to view firewall logs. It denied it, even though I did not click on a way to deal with it. I am glad it denied it though. I have no idea what that was.

I don’t know what the file was but the default setting for alerts is to keep them up for 120 seconds if I’m not mistaken, you can change this in the advanced settings, I have mine at 999 seconds.

If an alert is unanswered, by default CIS will always block the request.

Good to know, thank you!

Oh, and I was able to change the alert message time to 999 seconds, thank you.