dbghelp.dll error

Just recently I have encountered a problem, whenever I restart my computer or start my COMODO firewall an error pops up saying “cfp.exe - unable to locate componenet This application has failed to start because dbghelp.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem”. I tried googling this error but I have not come across a solution for this. I have manually uninstalled the application and re-installing it and the same problem appears. So I’ve came here to resolve this error. Any way of fixing this? ???

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First of all what version of Comodo are you using? Secondly have you tried doing a COMPLETE uninstall and reinstall. I use Revo Uninstaller in advanced mode. You need to be sure Comodo is completely gone before installing the latest version. Any questions about Revo just ask. Also look at this thread.


i will try your suggested method and i’ll post the results later, thanks :slight_smile:

just recently i’ve updated COMODO from one of the tabs that has update (forgot which one)
atm it’s v3

It would help if you post which version you are using.

lol sorry about that i am using version
it failed to un-install from the add/remove program because it came up with the same error (dbghelp.dll). btw what is safesurf toolbar, do i need it for uninstallation?

Read here for the toolbar.


so here were my results, i uninstalled every CFP files, rebooted, and then re-installed it yet i still had the same dbghelp.dll error. Strangely, i wanted to play a song on windows media player and i had the SAME dbghelp.dll error. I was perplexed and i googled more into the issue and found out that i was missing a dbghelp.dll file (obviously) in the windows/syster32 then i copied one from the dllcache folder and bam problem solved. I give credits to this link http://www.techsupportforum.com/microsoft-support/windows-xp-support/200250-problems-dbghelp-dll.html [post #2]
thanks for your help Vettetech, so if anyone have a problem with a missing dbghelp.dll file i’ll be honored to use this post as an assistance to their solution