DB version number - Where?

Maybe a stupid question…

Where can I find the DB version NUMBER?

My CIS “Summary” page only says: “My virus database has been updated on: -DATE-”
My “*\COMODO Internet Security\database” path/files found are just an “vendor.nme” without any info…

Where is this number?


It’s under Miscellaneous > About.



(many didn’t know…).

:■■■■ :■■■■

edit: totally solved. Thank’s, again (for the more-than-quickly reply!).

Sorry, but I’m sitll with a doubt…

How can I check if my version (number) is up-to-date?

Any web-site?

err, how about on the summary page? is that what you mean?

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I think you are looking for this page.
They promised to keep it updated now.


Exactly that web-page that I was searching for!!! :-TU

T H A N K S, again.