DB for V5 same as V4?

Will the standard method (For dial-up users) of performing the first DB update by using a saved copy of the V4 DB and copying it to the newly created scanners directory after the V5 install work or has the DB format changed?

For what I know the db is the same.

Wishlist then.

If you are doing an in place upgrade/install, could you simply keep the old DB there and forgo the automatic download of the entire db again? I went from 3.14 to 5.* and it remembered my preferences but I am downloading the entire DB again. This would save both Comodo’s and my bandwidth/time.

No, a new install will overwrite the DB with a very small version that requires the massive update. Copy the DB file to another location before installing V5 and then copy it back after the install. Then update to get the program to recognize the file.