Daylight Saving Time 2007 Article by Marc Saltzman

This year’s time change happens March 11 at 2:00 a.m.

In case you’ve been living under a VCR with a flashing 12:00 for the past few months, no doubt you’ve heard the news: Daylight Saving Time (DST) starts three weeks earlier this year for most Canadians and Americans, in an effort to help conserve energy. Therefore, we spring forward early in the morning on Sunday, March 11, instead of the first Sunday in April. DST is sticking around later, too – until November 4 – at which time we switch back to Standard Time.

But this change may create some problems for your computer and favourite gadgets because software that runs your devices has not been programmed to change to DST on March 11.

Some experts are predicting a ‘mini Y2K,’ referring to the much-hyped scare, when the world’s clocks turned over to the year 2000. Nothing catastrophic happened, so nothing major likely will happen on Sunday or shortly thereafter, but it’s still unknown how widespread problems may be. More…


Do the recent Windows Updates handle this?


For the most recent platforms of Windows, yes. Older versions, no. They will have to be updated manually, as per the articles states.

Owners of machines that do not offer downloadable updates, such as older and/or unsupported operating systems, will have to manually update their clocks by clicking on the clock and making the change.


Great :slight_smile: Thanks, Kevin.

You’re welcome.


It’s a bummer, that’s for sure. Now I’ll actually have to reprogram the stinkin’ VCR; I’ve gotten accustomed to it being the one thing that automatically changes with the time change. Windows may update, but not the VCR… I don’t see why they had to go messing with it anyway. (:AGY) (:AGY)

Fooey! I may move to Arizona!


Your VCR knows the time? Not 00h00 flashing?

Well, one of them flashes (but it’s over 10 years old). The other knows the time, date, etc. ;D


Here we go, BETA!