Dating app or cell phone hacked? Please, help me.

How must I deal with this kind of persecution?

I started using Tinder in 2016 which used to work properly till then. I used to get hundreds of matches with girls endowed with the characteristics I seek; and more important yet, according to the distance previously set in the filter. After while, when I came back to use the app again and bought the tinder gold, things have completely changed.

Even with the filter set according to a heterosexual man, they started showing me homosexual men (nothing personal against those who seek both). I no longer got matches with girls of my type. The girls who gave me likes on the tinder gold were very far from the distance limite previously set in the filter. So I got in touch with them through email in order to explain these facts.

They alleged there was no block policy or users black list on their servers, but would try to improve their filters. I even filed a complaint on google against tinder due to the fact the tinder gold features were not working properly. As a consumer I was deprived from enjoying the services I had paid. I deleted my account and redid it several times since then, but the same things continued to happen. This time I entered with my cell phone number and new strange situations started happening: the same person have appeared repeatedly, right after I have just passed her to the left. One of these girls had a name whose mention I remind I have done recently from what I wonder if they have been carrying out warrantless wiretapping policies. Would programs such as MYSTIC be already in the hands of private corporations like Match Group ? It is a question that imposes itself. Sometimes, tinder icon of my iphone app gets as if it was enabled displaying a notification as if a new match was occured.

So when I enter to check that, there’s nothing there. This seems as if they wanna frustrate me or even make me sick, or just study my behavior. They seem to have established a segregation on Web in wich some users have full acess to all features and services offered by them while others are deprived from that unjustly, basead on hidden algorithms against the law as well as against the principles of isonomy that also rule consumer relations in virtual spheres. I recently installed happn, which does not belong to the Match Group. However its functioning has been also seeming strange to me.

I wonder from where this sabotage can be coming- from my cell phone or from the server where my data are?

In general, companies collect navigation data and not from devices, but as in any sector there may be companies or employees of bad character;

this type of behavior can often be caused by malicious applications, scripts that may have been downloaded while browsing … (Save your data as photos or consider it important and try to reset your device, almost always the reset of your device resolves more serious infections)

Sorry my english!

Hi Liosant,

Thanks for your reply. Actually, I’ve done it several times already, but things kept on working the same way.