Database update

I didn’t have permanent connection. So CIS didn’t update for some days. Now when i connected to internet, why it is downloading full AV Database instead of remaining database? Please rectify this in future product release or as early as possible.

I use windows XP because my computer doesn’t support windows 7. Will comodo support windows xp or do i have to search for another security product.

This is absolutely not normal behavior for an AV… :-TD It was reported quite a while ago if I remember well (by Siketa maybe not sure).

Would be interesting to know for HOW MANY days CIS wasn’t allowed to update on your PC. Never experienced such a thing with CIS.

It could be a new (or even old, fixed, but returned) bug, of course, so you’re free to make a bug investigation request.

I have a question:

Do you really think it’d make any sense for Comodo trying to prolong it’s support of dying Windows XP into the never (I loved XP, confessed, some time ago, it’s tweakability still being unsurpassed by any other Windows OS ever since…)? As I’m guessing atm MS is not intending to do so for the main public, i. e. the general user, that’d imply that third party companies like Comodo would’ve to make sure that XP users would not fall victim to new exploits in the long run whilst the OS itself might be aging badly. That’d mean companies like Comodo would, in the end, be held “responsible” for security holes now being ignored by the original makers of the OS, i. e. MS. That’d simply be no fairplay, methinks.

Maybe I’m wrong, yet I think that a “complete overhaul” of one’s AV database might not be such a bad thing at all, especially for one who has been offline for quite some time.
Concerning the many itm fixed FP’s, possibly corrupted (by malware, defrag proggies and the like…) base files, and so on…

Just some thoughts of mine, we might get an official answer in the end.
If CIS will CONTINUE to download it’s whole database every time you’re updating, though, it’d really be necessary to post a BUG report. Please report, in that case.

Kind regards, REBOL. :slight_smile: