database update information is confusing

Hello all,

Just curious as the CIS states database for AV is up to date (Ver 8733) yet, Comodo site indicates the latest update is version 8735!!!

Based on the conflict in accuracy of the information, how is one to be confident that they have the latest update? I trust the site information more than the information CIS spits out.

Any information is appreciated


Does manually updating bring any change?

Hello EricJH and thanks for the reply,

I always update manually. Instruction to update database brings up a screen stating database is up to date yet, Comodo site indicates otherwise. Today, after 4 attempts finally it updated from 8733 to 8735 after giving false information repeatedly that database was up to date.

If it were not for the site information, there would be no way to say if the database is up to date. It’s like knowing there is almost no fuel in the car’s gas tank but the fuel gauge reads 3/4 full!!!


With any programs their could be short delays either way, due to update server locations etc. Right at this moment my DB is ahead of the update page. Update page DB V8741, my DB V8742. Some AV programs only update once a day or less, but the Database would be added to regularly. IMO being slightly out of sync is quite normal and no call for concern. Kind regards.