Database offline takes too long to be updated!

Database offline takes too long to be updated!
Base available = 23459
Current base = 23566
Because? thank you attention!

One of the problem is your connection speed maybe, and the other problem is database size is too big.more than 290MB.


Cited problem is the delay to change the update file available on the Comodo website. This defazado more than 14 days! Connection is no problem! Thanks.

If you are installing CIS for first time on your PC, the updating the virus signatures for first time takes some time. If you want to import from db,
1 -first download the databse here :
2 -after the download finished, go to question mark on the right top of the main GUI. Clck About
3 - You will see an option to importing virus database, select it
4 - Then, browse to downloaded bases.cav file at the first step. wait some and it will be done :slight_smile:

The suggested procedure is already done for me! I am user of the CIS (8 years)! I had problems with automatic update and am using update offline to get around! The bases.cav file that is not being updated regularly in the website!
File available = 23459 (before 28/10)
Archive for current Automatic Updates = 23569

Thank you for trying to help!

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Sorry mandhi, I thought that you are a recruit user :slight_smile:
There must be a problem at Comodo side, please PM to a moderator and they will forward your problem to related comodo employees.

Thank you, stay safe!


The operation of automatic updating need to work for me! I think the problem could be the company that provides the internet signal! Technical visit scheduled for tomorrow! Thanks for listening!

:-TU :viva: (:WAV)