Database download on slow connection

Download files of all kinds, including even simple virus signature databases, seem to be getting huger and huger. Is this really necessary, or have software designers just become obsessed with high graphics gimmickry for its own sake because they blithely assume everyone in the world has access to unlimited bandwidth?

This is a plea from one of the many people still stuck with dial-up (yes, we do exist): It really sucks struggling to download a 50 megabyte installation file, only to discover after the fact that an additional 100 megabyte(!) update file is required! Has anyone here ever actually tried to download 100 megabytes on dial-up? It is really, really frustrating.

Again, my question: Is this really necessary? Is there no way other than this humungous download to obtain the updated virus signature database for Comodo? I like the product but this really is a major hassle.

Thanks for listening.

It seems to be the way these days but a humongo pain for dial up users… The same thing is the case with Emsisoft Antimalware and also to Avast, if I recall correctly, according to one of the forum members.

The av database is available as a separate download and can be applied as described in Where can i download the latest full AV database?. This link supports resuming. Now you can download it either from another faster connection or use a download manager.

Yes, I’ve tried to download 100MB on dial up. I did it quite frequently when I was on dial up. I would set up my download manager and let it run all night and hope I didn’t get disconnected. It usually took more than one night.

I know it sucks, but the large download size is due the the virus definitions, not the graphics. Comodo has been working for quite some time on reducing the size of the database, but as you can see, it’s still quite large.

The upside is, once you download the database, that large download is finished. Updates from this point on are incremental and considerably smaller.

Thanks for taking the trouble to respond. I really appreciate it. If the signature database really is 100mb I guess I’ll have to just keep trying. I’m sure it would be much appreciated, not only by me, if a way could be found to reduce this. There are still a lot of us on slow connections and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels marginalised. I have been glad to see an increase of web sites that offer low-bandwidth versions for mobile users. Now for the apps.