Data/Speed doubled on WiFi connections in connections tab

If i’m on any Wifi adapter the speed and the amount of total data doubles in “Connections”…compared to LAN. Like in the attached picture, it shows me exactly 2 times the data and possible speed, but only on a Wifi connection. Has anyone an explanation? Loopback? Thanks very much.

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What process is making the connections? Svchost.exe?

No. OS and System has nothing to do with it, at least it seems. Only real Internet (up and down) wifi traffic is affected, no matter which program or process or protocol, http, ftp, Mail, etc…
Local traffic/homenet is not affected.
100MB, Lan or Wifi, local = 100MB with correct speed
100MB, Lan, e.g. BrowserDL, TCP 80, Internet = 100 MB, correct speed
100MB, Wifi, e.g. BrowserDL, TCP 80, Internet = 200 MB, double/wrong speed

KillSwitch ( and similar) shows the correct values, AFAICS. I’m testing at the moment.
I really have no idea where CIS gets the double (virtual) data from…
Thanx very much!

Thank you for explaining in more detail. Are you talking about CIS Active Connections showing the wrong actual speeds or the wrong link speeds (the maximum speed a connection can deliver)?

I have to thank you. I know it’s not so important and probably a complex problem.
Yes, I’m talking about the CIS “Active Connections”. Not only the actual speed is wrong (double my possible DSL limits), total data as well.
But only Internet traffic with any kind of Wifi Adapter. Internet over cable/Lan shows correct data, so does everything happening inside my home network.
That’s a ~100 MB Firefox Download attached. Monitored with Killswitch and CIS, same file at the same time, same amount of data. KillSwitch is right, CIS isn’t.
Any ideas? duck

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Are you using the latest drivers for the Wifi Adapter? We may be looking at a bug here.

Yes. Latest Driver. Adapters are both Realtek chips, one RTL8192CU (TP-Link N Stick) and an Realtek 8812AU (CSL-NoName AC Stick). Both USB. One 2.0, one 3.0.
I’m going to check my Notebook with Atheros Wifi and a Dell Laptop tomorrow, because I don’t remember any abnormality here and I’m in the belief of an unfortunate series of circumstances. Thanx and Kind Regards

Keep us posted on your findings. Can you check if the problem also happens when using the USB adapters on your other Notebook? It could be specific to using (this particular) USB WiFi adapter.

As far as I can tell it’s not repeatable on any of my other puters. So I’m quite sure the problem only exists on one PC.
I don’t know why, not yet. Sorry for the ruckus. If anyone has an idea…

That narrows it down. It makes me wonder what happens when you hook up another wireless USB adapter to the one computer. I don’t know if you could borrow one and would have the time to hook it up and see what happens.