Data CD/DVD reading problem

Hello to all. I have encountered some problems with reading of data CD/DVD. If folder on the DVD contains a lot of EXE installers together, reading/accessing that folder takes a terribly long time (cca 4 min). All the time of reading is DVD drive working really hard and makes sound that reminds an old floppy drive,file icons are white and any manipulation with files is almost impossible (with NOD32 “on acess” scan takes a few seconds!). When pressing eject button on the DVD drive before all exe files are being scanned and fully loaded, WerFault.exe TERMINATES cmdagent.exe as “harmful” process what prevents CD/DVD from reading (says eventlog in win7)! I have two optical drives (LG), both working perfectly, but on both this problem occurs. That is standard behavior on my machine,reinstall of CIS or even OS does not help. CPU is 3.2 Ghz AMD Phenom II X2, RAM 2GB, OS win 7 Ultimate 64bit SP1 fresh (re)install with newest drivers,latest version of CIS, AV settings default, D+ in “safe mode”. Where´s the problem??? Thanks in advance.

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Ok,I helped myself. Problem completely solved by installing combo Comodo FW+Avast 6 Free, which is incomparably lighter on system resources and allows the OS to function normally without random initialization timeouts of something etc…I hope that the next major update will be faster and better optimized for everyday use. :wink: