Danish Language-addon?


Thanks for the great Firewall Pro. It is not a Pro firewall. It is “the-best” firewall. So the next release should be named “The best Firewall Comodo” ;D :smiley:

Is there soon going to be a danish language-addon released? And where do i download the diffrent language-addons? I can not find anything.

Hopefull wishes, Tesk

You can go to the Danish translation thread and check out if they are finished with the translation.

Use the drop down list to get to the language you want.
The servers might still be busy, so you have to be patient… :wink:


I had looked in it for some time ago, but LeStrata says he did not be in time for the deadline, and he would be contacted when you are ready to released more language-addons.

But thats okay. I was just curious :slight_smile: