:BNC weeeeeee… that was a ride. Oh my gawd was that exiting! :BNC
And I knew nothing about firewalls, except for that it had something to do with ports… and I recognized the term tcp/ip from when you were supposed to set up your…
…slow 30-something kb/s modem back in the 90’s. I mean, I’ve always been a user, mostly because I liked strategy games, but this game was so much fun… yes, I’m talking about comodo.

What do you think happens, when someone who has barely read the manual start setting up rules and principles? As if that was enough, this guy (me) also managed to set up a server inside his own IP mask (I really don’t know what I’m talking about, so you’ll hafta excuse me If I don’t make any sense), without being connected to the server internally. Yup. And some guy (an application) inside my computer (windows) told another guy/application how wierd it was, that the system had remotley connected users (four others that doesn’t really exist) without even being connected to a network (intranet) :BNC , and he also said something about a server that was there, but couldn’t (shouldn’t have) really been able to exist. Lemme quote some of what I found in a crashdump of a program that I use to make tiny pictures with, that totally crashed and had to be reinstalled completley (repair didn’t work) for no apparent reason at all, except for the above (and some more things I fiddled with):

[i] "Exception status code used by Win32 x86 emulation subsystem.image file %hs is valid, but is for a machine type other than the current machine."A yield execution was performed and no thread was available to run."The resumable flag to a timer API was ignored."The arbiter has deferred arbitration of these resources to its parent""The device \"%hs\" has detected a CardBus card in its slot, but the firmware on this system is not configured to allow the CardBus controller to be run in CardBus mode.\nThe operating system will currently accept only 16-bit (R2) pc-cards on this controller."Exception status code used by Win32 x86 emulation subsystem."The CPUs in this multiprocessor system are not all the same revision level. To use all processors the operating system restricts itself to the features of the least capable processor in the system. Should problems occur with this system, contact\nthe CPU manufacturer to see if this mix of processors is supported."The system was put into hibernation."The system was resumed from hibernation."The system has awoken"The Directory Service is shuting down."Debugger will reply later."[/i]

I know, isn’t it crazy? I thouht microsoft finally had hacked my computer. I have no idea what “he” is talking about. And there’s more even crazier thinks that I can apply to what I was fiddleling with. (I formatted the text a bit so it would be readable, numbers and funny symbols everywhere.) Anyone knows what it is, in my computer that is talking about me in third person? Or am I getting paranoid. He couldäve at least told ME! The last thing that happend (after many things in between) was that my connection just died. I think it had something to do with the “registry” and “principals” and something. This code kept comming up: “{9BA05972-F6A8-11CF-A442-00A0C90A8F39}” among other commodo terms. But isn’t it great, that someone who doesn’t know what function a gateway has managed to find all this info, and solve the problem. I mean, my network adapter… really didn’t work (maybe I am overexagerating?). But I figured it out! Not that everything is going smoothly over here. Glitches there and here. And everything is going really fast. Windows pop up, programmes initiates like lightning. But not everything works as it should

Yeah, I better do back-ups, right? Personal files, photos, things I’ve been working on. It would be a shame if it disappeard. But it’s really fun. And I have learned alot. And as soon I have all my stuff on DVDs I’m gonna go crazy over here.

Please don’t take this post as a plea for support. I just wanted to tell you how much fun I’m having. Oh, btw… anybody heard of bonjour (mdnsresponder.exe, mdnsnsp.dll)? It’s an apple software that’ll “help you connect” comodo wouldn’t accept the file when I tried to send it through, saying that there was nothing wrong with the file. But I KNOW there was something fishy with that thing, and it stelthed, using other names and in services it was disguised with some horrible registry code that you almost couldn’t turn off. And there was no info on how to remove it, unless you searched the web. Lots of people had trouble with that nasty thing, and huge companies apply it in various software.

Why don’t you download and try it? It could be fun, watching it ping africa, china and venezuela 33 times a minute.

I just realized that my search function (ctrl F) doesn’t work - it says there’s “no command tied to the object” or something.

I hafta do back-ups now. And if I broke any forum rules, I’m sorry! I’ll read em tomorrow - promise.

If a developer wants to have a look at some of the files I saved, don’t hesitate - just give me the word.

/Copy, right? out

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Can we change the title of this thread? i don’t think the Lords name should be used to bring peoples attention to a thread about a firewall.

Or am i being a little over sensitive…you decide? (:AGY)


What…The… Im sorry I read that and just…wtf.

Thanks Panic, it’s nice to know that we’re reading from the same hymn sheet (:CLP)