DameWare Mini Remote Control kills Comodo

I tried installing DameWare Mini Remote Control Remote Access Software - Dameware | SolarWinds and when I tried to start the application Comodo crashed and burn and refused to restart even after rebooting. It kept generating an error report, the first of which I sent off. I even had problems with the uninstall completing without and error. Received a “memory could not be read error”. Testing with memtst for several hours showed no problem. I was able to uninstall Comodo completely by downloading an uninstall batch file posted into another thread.

Did you have Comodo in install mode when you installed this? I just downloaded it and installed it myself with no problems what so ever.

No I did not use install mode. This computer was a 2 day old clean install of XP Pro w SP3.

When ever your installing any kind of software you need to use Comodo in the install mode. When you got a prompt form D+ did you select “select treat as” installer/updater? When ever I install something I open up Comodo and click on “switch to install mode” on the bottom.


As I said in my previous reply “No I did not use Installer Mode” in Comodo. I had to uninstall Comodo since it would not run properly. Why would not using Installer mode in this case kill Comdo? The install seem to complete without me using Installer mode. One slip up in this case renders Comdo dead.

Did the application DameWare Mini Remote Control run without a problem?

Yes it ran fine. No problems. How did you answer your D+ alerts?

I ALLOWED each operation and did not deny any of them.