Daisy-2375@31976257? Is this a legit virus?

I scanned my computer today and it gave me 51 results. All said daisy-2375@31976257 and were all within C:\windows or C:\program files.
They were within major windows programs that my pc seems to use. I quarantined all of them. Did a restart and everything seems to be working fine. My Vista was taking about 5 minutes to boot up prior to the scan and now is back to normal so I’m thinking it was a legit virus.
I tried searching this virus and cant find any info on it. Anyone know anything about this so called daisy?

Can you unquarantine one of them, zip it with the password infected, and upload it to this post.

This is a generic detection and maybe a FP.


What does FP stand for? I know how to unquarantine but how do I zip it?
One thing I did notice while looking over the files again is a lot of files have to do with Dell Datasafe. I’m thinking its Dells backup program that came with my laptop. What makes me say that is when windows used to load it would show a quick config box with the datasafe files loading before going to windows. That no longer happends.

There have been many Daisy related FP’s (false positive). I doubt if any of the files you quarantined are actually infected. Since you quarantined them, they no longer can load at startup so that’s why you’re booting faster.