daisy-2153@ in my executable?

Hi at all,

I just installed a fresh pc with Server 2003 and a MsDev development environment, with Comodo Internet Security only as firewall, AV etc.
Everytime I try to compile and link the executable I’m working on, at linking process when the executable is being created the CIS says me that executable has the daisy-2153@…virus.
I run also a full scan of my pc and no virus was found, so:

  1. Is it a false alarm?
  2. Is that a virus attaching itsself at creation of an executable?
  3. How can I fix this problem?
  4. Is there a virus list where I can see info about that virus so I try to understand where it comes from?

any help will be appreciated, thanks
– Roberto

Hi Roberto!

This sounds like a False Positive. Please submit via here: http://internetsecurity.comodo.com/submit.php (Making sure you check the False Positive box and not the Malware one).


Hi Josh,

I’m sorry but I cannot submit the exe file, for privacy reason.
Anyway there is an update about “daisy”, Comodo Antivirus seems to found
something in a windows system file, this is the content of the report it shown me:
“Worm.Win32.Email-Worm.generic.daisy-1529@30460279 C:\WINDOWS\system32\RACMGR32.EXE”
again the “daisy”!
I read about the size etc on MSDN docs and the size of the file is right also the creation time etc.

  1. how can fix this problem?
  2. Comodo seems to me doesn’t have a button to clean the file from the worm, or do I am wrong?

for this second executable: since it is a microsoft file I don-t know if I can submit it to you.

– Roberto

There seem to be a lot of daisy FP’s. I got 2 of them in files I know are safe. One is a Windows help file and the other is part of cablenut, a connection optimizer I have been using for years. Only Comodo is picking these files up as being infected.

If you have a cracked file, it could very well be a valid detection.

Hi robbio,

It’s not detected by CIS 1767.Pls check it.If any problems,pls let us know.



it seems safe now. Also CIS are finding other malware or spyware etc, but I think it’s saying the true.

Thank you for your effort.
– Roberto