Daily Diagnostic

The other day I noticed the Comodo icon in the task bar had the red circle and line through it, meaning it wasn’t functioning properly. I ran the diagnostics, and it cleared it up. Now, however, this is a daily occurence, and each day, Comodo fails to start properly, saying that all applications are not running,…I have to run the diagnostics, and then restart the computer, and it’s fine. Except until the next day, when I start up again,…!
Any ideas,…I’m thinking uninstall and re-install. Thanks!

I would say uninstall and reinstall. But remember to export your settings first. :slight_smile:

Thanks FaZio93. I’ve not this before, could you please briefly explain how to export my settings,…and then I guess import them. Thanks!

Sorry,…I didn’t see the link that you provided! Thanks!