Daemon tools Ultra and HIPS

First of all congratulations on updating the interface in newer version, its working fine and even more stable and handy. I am using The latest version 6.3 .
Now here is the problem , I have installed Daemon tools Ultra ( free verion ) recently. I use this tool to mount Virtual Disks. Now when I mount a disk ( usually its ISO or mdx ) and try to open a pdf file , i get a lot of pop up warnings which includes 1) this .pdf file is trying to access disk dirctly and 2) it is trying to access Acrord32 ( Please refer Images ) .
Now this happens for every pdf file , that means I have to click allow and tick on remember everytime I open a new pdf file from virtual disk .
its quite bothering me right now , hope you would help me.
please refer to images i have uploaded and please note that , I get pop up alerts (HIPS ) for every different pdf file. the warnings are not for all pdf file and adobe reader but for every individual pdf file that i am trying to open.

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Does this only happen with PDF files that are on mounted images?

Wouldn’t CIS consider the virtual drive a removal able device, hence see all files as unknown and sandbox them on access.