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I tried to report this problem on the ‘report problems’ thread, but couldn’t see a reply button. This is a copy of a message I have just posted to the DTLite forum.

I’ve been using DTLite (Daemon Tools Lite) for about 6 months. Then Comodo Internet Security Premium (free) started giving me messages that this app is trying a buffer overflow which was probably an exploit. Thinking that perhaps DTLite had been hacked, I uninstalled it, downloaded and tried to install the latest version. I got this error. [Note to Comodo: error code 14, which indicates that installation has been blocked by an incompatible app). I tried all the fixes above and still got this error. I tried disabling all the Comodo services and then exiting the program and still got the error. I then tried another image mounting app (Alcohol 52%) and that also would not install. Finally I uninstalled Comodo, and then DTLite installed perfectly. I then reinstalled Comodo.

It seems that the latest updates are causing problems with image mounting software. I’m not sure what version I had as I uninstalled it. Now I am using CSP 4.1 - Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit - Intel Quad 2.33.

In my case, the problem seems to have been related to a recent security update from Comodo, and not to be due to the DTLite team.

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I am using DTLite but i have no problem; when the warning comes press skip and DTLite will work as it always does. (CIS doesn’t like bad programmed programs)


Well as I say it was not just DTLite, it was also alcohol 52%.

Yes, I could just have pressed ‘skip’, but as I report above, I thought that perhaps DTLite had been compromised.

Further news: After I uninstalled Comodo, I was able successfully to install DTLite. However, DTLite gave me a ‘noCD’ error when running an ISO file. After about two hours of mucking around, I did a system restore to three days ago, before the last Comodo update. This was the only way that I could get DTlite (and also Alcohol) to work. Now they work fine. However, CIS is giving me ‘initialisation failed’ messages that do not respond (eg I can’t close them, hitting the OK does nothing, and the Task Manager won’t close them). I probably have to reinstall CIS.

The DT site refers to Comodo as an incompatible application. This problem is severe enough that it would make me not use Comodo (Zone Alarm and F-Secure also have this problem). If a lot of people have this problem, Comodo could lose market share - Zone Alarm used to be big, but because the tech support team was unable to address problems with long loading times on Win 7 (preload times of 10 minutes or more) Zone Alarm has lost its dominant market position.

did you put DTLite in exeptions in Defense+? click on “defense+”, click on “defense+ settings”, and then on “execution control settings”. There you have to find “Exclusions”

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That’s work until i reboot

EDIT:Ok sorry I haven’t saw the picture npw it’s work!:

-first i download deamon tools
-i go to D+ and add to exclusions the installer
-go to D+ and add to exclusion the DTlite.exe, DTliteHlp.exe and the folder DAEMOn tools lite (with the *)

and it’s ok!