hello, is DACS still around? will it be in 5.8 OR 6.0 it would be good to get some feed back? please, this sounds like a great feature to be added, theres been no feed back for a while, thanks 88) :-TU

…led to Valhalla to join the Einherjar by a 'Valkyrie". :wink:

It’s probably die, and Valkyrie is the placebo…

Thank you, expert :-TU :P0l

There is no need to be an expert (maybe a lawyer would be helpful) to see that DACS is not going to be release.


I didnt miss something like DACS when i used another antivirus (and comodo defense+).

In fact, the speaking about DACS has been what let me rather doubt about comodo antivirus. Because, why trying to gain fruits from others, if you have a tree yourself?

It looks a bit as if DACS has been the final weapon of a battle which showed to the parties, that this battle has to find an end now.

Melih said, DACS would protect the users, if the companies are honest. But thats not exactly right. It had protected only these users who would find this specific comodo thing.
BUT knowledge gatherings of friendly competitors protect all users of all companies!
So, if you really want that the users should be protected, dont battle!.. Gather at the table! :slight_smile:

That is not right either.

  1. Melih said that he will share DACS with any vendor interested.
  2. The pandora box will be open and all the other companies could do the same

Like who? :smiley:
The idea was concepted in this battle of “moral”, which was fought by comodo against other vendors. Well known vendors dont battle each other, they share the knowledge of threats. In the long term, its a better advertising to have a good allround detection rate, than to be for a few days the only one with that signature. Because, who would see this fact on this specific day? Nearly no user. But they would see if they get infected on any day.
There is likely no interest for another vendor to jump on this horse that comodo was riding at that time.

Like anyone

Jajaja don’t make me laught

This is why is called pandora box :stuck_out_tongue:

Who? Give an example.
What is so funny? Why shouldnt they share? Search the web and see.
The pandora box is totally shut. Which other vendor would say: “We need the detection of other companies programs to protect our users?” They dont point with moralic fingers on other vendors. They can share the knowledge. And dont lose anything while that. But gain.
Look ahead of this forum.

What part you don’t understand of anyone?

They don’t share technological knowledge, they just share a little part of old malware that is not knowledge

DACS=Dead And Completely Silent >:-D

I am ■■■■ sure DACS is not going to return. Mark my words.


You are so right. I just forgot the link to the page where comodo shares all its technologic knowledge???

Of course they share knowledge on the threat level. Because that makes economic sense. Sharing your code is suicide.

If you still mind, i could search the post about that Melih is sitting on that table now too. After this default moralic pointing stopped.

They share rubbish, virustotal is the biggest cooperation that you can found in the industry.

They weren’t to leave comodo do that even being legal so I guess that comodo took a decision

Brb, we have a meeting where we receive and give rubbish. Shouldnt take long.
(Yes, makes totally sense)

You don’t even know what are you talking about. Do you even have the schedule of the meeting?
Or you are going to imagine it?

I guess that would depend on what company it is like for example Norton like advertising and like customers and wouldn’t share their signitures on secrets like sonar on the other side Gdata have 4 engines that were shared by bitdefender and others correct me if I’m wrong

No, you dont know of what i am talking.
I made fun about your statement, they would share rubbish.
And it seems, you dont need me for an shedule, as you allready know exactly what they share.

Answer this simple question instead.
Why shouldnt they share threat level knowledge?

And read again this post: