我觉得COMODO的 D+ 太手动化了

Hello Innice. You are posting in Chinese language in the English part of the board. Shall I move your post to the Chinese board for you? Or do you want to change your post to English?

I used google translator and this what I got :-:

I think that is too COMODO’s Manual of the D +
Hope that COMODO can compare only some. . . .

I’M SORRY,thank you.It’s the first time that i browse en English forum.
I have use Comodo Internet Security because it’s free.
I think “COMODO D+” is too difficulty to use because I don’t know more about how does the windows system work.
Now I’m using Comodo Time Machine,I think it can help me a lot.I like it .
Excuse my poor English :slight_smile:


Your English is fine. I can totally understand you. :-TU