D+ why so slow?

When I run something new, D+ pops up, quite rightly, to ask me about it. When I click on Allow, with Remember ticked, there’s a delay of 10s usually but more for some things before the process can continue.
I’ve just opened TV Browser and it took nearly 2 mins instead of 10s!

Also, some apps. that have been opened are being queried again - is Comodo becoming senile?

probs of such type can be resolved by temporally switching on “Training mode” for HIPS

:slight_smile: lol

and yes, in some cases “reincarnation” (full reinstall) “rejuvenates” it

Full re-install after 2 days!

Just been opening links from QuiteRSS in Opera: press O and the page should open in Opera. I do this only when there might be something to bookmark.
Today there were 6 or 7 items to open and every time D+ asked me exactly the same question! It then took about 15 - 20s to ‘think’ about it.

Do you have a lot of HIP rules?