D+ stops me use K-lite codecs


  • my OS is xp sp3 .

  • I installed comodo v4 and an update to the pack .

  • I found that DVD’s would not play , not thinking it was comodo , i posted a post in their forums see : http://codecs.freeforums.org/dvd-playing-problem-in-xp-t2594.html .

  • it was not what i thought nor the what the Forum by change i un installed comodo it now works !

please can you fix it ?

many thanks

You shall use ffdshow instead (or any other normal mpeg4 players), you can’t trust in k-lite codec pack’s source.

i am sorry please explain ???
why cant i trust k-lite codec ???


i never had any spyware / or any thing like that form k-lite >:(

yeah I have not heard about any problems, and I used to use k-lite but soon I got over it and stopped using WMP. I moved onto VLC and now I am using SMPlayer and they are so much better then WMP could ever be. If I was you I would not use codecs, just use a player that does it all like VLC or SMPlayer and you will be much happier.

hi languy99

that’s why i use KLC any way as i use ubuntu i do not use xp that often and KLC does use ffdshow any way

Please fix it !!
work round:
-in xp i changed the dvd codec in the installer from cyberlink to ffdshow .

  • i will ask the people at k-lite for a porfile for comodo eg ;D

For a bug report we need more information. Are you still running CIS?


  • yes i reinstalled comodo after woulds

  • any thing ese ?