D+ not working well

I installed the firewall and now every time I start my computer CFP forces internet explorer to launch. Personally, I find this just rude and annoying since there is absolutely no reason or excuse for CFP to access internet explorer.

In order to avoid having rogue programs running any exe they feel like when ever they want to, I blocked CFP from launching internet explorer through D+ computer security policy. I restarted the computer and sure enough D+ failed to prevent CFP from accessing internet explorer even though it is blocked?

So, whats going on?
why MUST CFP launch IE the instant it starts, and why does D+ not block it like its supposed to?


Are you using CIS or CPF3?

I Assume it’s just checking for updates… What mode are you running D+\Firewall in?

Its CIS, I had to uninstall CPF3 inorder to install CIS.
D+ is set to safe mode and the firewall is on safe mode. All automatic updates are disabled since, for some reason, I like to do it myself.

CPF 3 ran fine, it did not attempt to connect to the internet without my permission and D+ seemed to work better at preventing apps that I blocked from running. For example, I went to make a CD using veritas software and for some reason windows tried to force me to install some DLL for powerpoint. Since these two programs are totally unrelated I blocked the install program from powerpoint in the stand alone version of the firewall. After installing CIS I ran the same CD creation software and again the computer tried to force me to install a completely unnecessary file for powerpoint, however I was never given an option to block the install program at all even though the settings are the same.

Maybe it’s because it’s in the whitelist, Try paranoid mode. Also go to Comodo - > Defense+ → Advanced-> settings → monitor settings; See if changing any of these makes a difference.

I tried removing any traces of CIS from the D+ security policy and firewall network security policy and set D+ to paranoid and turned on all options on the D+ monitoring. After restarting the computer that ■■■■ connect to internet popped up again.

I thought that since I removed all traces of comodo from D+ and the firewall that it would warn me when it attempted anything, but apparently CIS had completely unrestricted access to anything and everything on the computer with no way at all of stopping it. Ill try a few more thing, but unless I can somehow limit its uninhibited access I may just have to remove it.

Put them both in SafeMode, and see what happens.

You may have a cross-linked file as well.
First, clean up your registry (eliminate that as one possibility).
Then scan your HD and defrag it.
try your program again. (note worst case scenario is you may have to re-install CIS).

I will uninstall it, clean HD and registry and try reinstalling it soon and hope that helps. Could it just be a CIS bug since the stand alone firewall work perfectly?

I uninstalled CIS, removed any traces from the C drive and registry, defraged the HD, restarted and reloaded CIS. I set the firewall and D+ to the highest settings possible and yet cfp still has absolute control over my computer. I just uninstalled it and hope its a beta bug that will get fixed soon. We don’t need another company trying to play god with its software by giving it the ability to do anything it wants when ever it wants, Microsoft already does that.

Ill take any other ideas about how to control this application, but if not can anyone suggest a firewall/AV that the user can actually control?


Additionally, at school I installed just the firewall from CIS and was given an option regarding proactive security. On my home computer I installed both the FW and AV, but I never received any options about proactive security. Any thoughts?

Yep, and thats why I suggested it could just be a beta bug, but since the boards are currently closed I wanted to see if I could get it working properly by something simple.

plus I was hoping to find out why I was not offered any proactive security options when I installed the firewall, like I did on another computer.

Reguarding Proactive Security if you read this thread in the Beta board it is explain by gibran


If I understand that sentence correctly, then it really does not matter which option of security you choose if you configure the settings to your own specifications. The proactive options are just predefined settings and changing them would basically eliminate the option you selected.

Do I have that right?

Yes your are correct, What you are doing is only selecting what the program will ask you, the choice will still be up to you and the rules can still be modified