D+ not functioning correctly in VM Ware Player

So, now not even VMWare is supported or what? It’s showing Defense+ is not functioning properly warning in VMWare Player… when i click “Run diagnostics” below, it says, no problems found. So what’s wrong here?

Never mind. I obviously had to update defs and reboot 3 times. It’s not complaining anymore. 88)

I had to change from Virtualbox to VMware in order to continue using CIS…
But, as far I could see, VMware get lighter in resources and we can make some “tweaks” on it :slight_smile:

I guess this was a random glitch. VMWare got better though. I’ve ditched it for VirtualPC long ago because ot was so ■■■■ useless. But VMWare Player is better now. At least it has drag&drop between host and guest. It was impossible to work without this.

Do you know if it is possible to:

  1. Exchange the clipboard between host/guest?
  2. Take snapshots? How?

I don’t think you are allowed to take snapshots, which is why I moved on to VirtualBox.

Me too, I mean, I was at Virtualbox, but due to the lack of support for CIS 5, I’ve installed VMware and created a new XP installation.

Snapshots are available in VMWare Workstation, but not in Player. You can still copy a VMWare HDD folder like i do. So i have a clean install stored in archive and then i just delete the old one and extract the clean one. And i have a perfectly clean system to abuse again. Maybe not as fast as snapshots but it works.

You can however transfer stuff through clipboard. Just copy something on host and paste it in guest.
I used to have drag and drop too but it just stopped working for no reason lol. So i’m pasting the stuff manually.

What’s also useful with VMWare is hardware 3D acceleration. Have been able to play Call of Duty 2, Mercedes World Racing (with few glitches) and even Carmageddon 2 using nGlide emulator. But this is for some other thread…