D+ not blocking avira nag screen even when I treat it as a blocked application

Ok, this irritating me. I have Avira and I’m trying to suppress the nag screen. When the av wants to give the popup, D+ asks me if I want to allow it. No matter if I block it or treat it as a blocked application, it still loads and I get no D+ alert at all, and it doesn’t show up in my blocked files in computer security policy, so I have manually added it to the blocked files. Now if I recall correctly the antivirus is smart enough to use some loop back to give a stupid error when the program is blocked.

I say what is wrong with D+ not being able to stop this program from loading and then not even give a D+ alert?

Are you sure that you have added avnotify.exe to your blocked files? Because for my friend it works.


May be avira is launching internet explore to show popup on your screen but I am not sure try blocking avira launching internet explorer

OK I just looked at my logs and now it looks like avnotify was blocked. I was just wondering why blocking it via the popup screen was not working.

Rather than treating AVnotify.exe as blocked, I think you need to change the settings for the AV itself so it can’t launch AVnofify.exe

So when D+ says “Avira.exe (or whatever it is) is trying to execute Avnotify.exe” you need to choose block always.