D+ manual block allow app run in background [RESOLVED]


When an application wants to start another I get a pop-up to allow/deny the second one (ok), but when I choose to block the second app the result is that it doesn’t open (ok) but it is loaded (bad).

Example: running Skype, clicking in “What means SkypeMe” (wich is a link to a website) I get a pop-up asking me if I want to let it run IE. I choose NO. IE doesn’t open (ok), but looking in Task-Manager I can see IE loaded. This happens with anothers app too. >:(

This didn’t happen with older versions of CFP.

Sempron 3000+, MB MSI-7145, 1GB RAM
WinXP-SP2-32bits updated.
CFP v3.0.18.309 32bits in CPM/PM
PG2, NOD32 v2.70.39

Well it depends what setting your on. If your on a setting where D+ wont query for EVERY component of an application, you may be alerted for some non essential components of the program. Try putting D+ on paranoid and denying appropriately, i bet the program wont load.

Thanks for the reply.

D+ already is on Paranoid Mode and all D+ settings for Skype are set to ASK.

I’ve tried to delete all configs for Skype and IE but no success.

Hmmm. Maybe the nature of D+ dosnt alert you for the correct actions that would disable skype from running?

Im sure COMODO is looking into this.

huh. this is quite strange behavior. let´s see what happens on v3.0.19.X or on v3.0.20.X



I have IE (or other app) blocked correctly; blocked app is not running in memory (and is not shown in task manager, process explorer etc.).
Running CF 3.0.18, CMF, WinXP Pro SP2 x32, CPU x86.

Can you please use another third-party task manager (e. g. process explorer) to verify that IE (or other app) is running in memory (just in case).

Can you please disable from starting automatically any of your programs (except CF, of course) and temporarly disable their services/drivers (also from starting automatically) to check if issue is gone in this case.

I did all the reccomendations and…

I think that I found the reason.

There was an entry for a “COM Interface” allowed in all these applications, for IE, in D+.

I could see this happening with Acrobat too, when clicking in a link for a website that was inside the file that I was seeing. The same thing happened. A pop-up asking permission to run IE appear, I said NO, blocking it, IE didn’t open but start running in background.

Both MS-Task Manager and Process Explorer showed it.

But, when I disabled that COM Interface (sorry, I can’t remember the name), things went ok. Blocking IE really blocks IE. I think that COM Interface was allowed when I did let D+ in TSM for a few hours after installing CFP.

A strange behavior, anyway.

Maybe the default rules for “My Protected COM Interfaces” is different now, in the “new” default rules (I don’t know) that comes with CFP new versions. My configuration was imported from older versions. If there was an easy way to copy/paste rules form one config to another… but this is another subject.

Well, many THANKS for the support and patience. These D+ rules are very, very tricky.


Good to know you managed to solve problem :-TU
Thanks for research, it may help to troubleshoot other similar cases. And it is definitely good to know that D+ works as it should 8)

EDIT: Thread will be closed. If issue returns PM an online moderator to open.