D+ makes start menu freeze and knocks Punto out. What's the problem?

I just wonder, what happened with D+ after the latest Comodo update (i.e., to 4.1bla-blah-blah).

I have faced two problems immediately.

  1. From time to time, my windows start menu would just freeze. By that I mean, that when I press the Start button and then navigate to, e.g., All Programs, it would show the list, but none would be clickable. Right-clicking the taskbar, then repeating the procedure would cure it for the time being, but this would happen after some time over and over again.

  2. Sometimes, things would go even worse than explained above: the same freeze would happen, but at the same time the CPU load would be consistently at 40-50%, the culprit being (surely!) explorer.exe

  3. the new D+ does NOT let Yandex Punto Switcher work as expected. (See http://punto.yandex.ru/). This little utility tries to install it’s own keyboard hook. I’ve moved the exe and dll files of Punto to “my own safe files”, added Yandex to trusted vendors, and explicitely marked punto.exe as trusted application by creating a corresponding security policy in Comodo — all to no avail: when I reboot, Punto (which is in autostart list, obviously) would NOT function. If however I shut it down and manually start again, it would work — for some time at least. Then eventually it would just stop working properly again (that is, it would sit happily in the systray, but would not do what it should).

I DO know that Comodo D+ module is the cause of all this. Indeed, when I “disable D+ permanently” and then reboot, everything starts to work just fine. Enabling it back reverts things back to non-normal.

What I DON’T know is how to remedy all this ■■■■. I would appreciate any ideas as to how to reconfigure the D+ in a way that would render it useful again. At the moment I had no other option but to switch D+ off altogether.

Many thanks for any suggestions!

start menu is known, I bet you are running XP. Fix is coming next week for that. For the other program it must be running some other file that you have yet to find in sandbox causing it to stop working. Have you tired reinstalling the program with comodo running on the computer already, it should also for you unrestricted access to your computer and then it should safelist all the files needed.

Thanks for the reply.

Good to know that the start issue is being looked into.

As for the Punto issue, I’ll bet its not a sandbox-related problem. To begin with, Punto used to work just fine with CIS 4.0, it all changed with this latest update. Just for the record, another keyboard switcher (KeySwitcher) has also been knocked out by this latest update. Although all the files belonging to either of the progs have been safe-listed for Comodo, and security policies have been added, both show roughly the same kind of behaviour. They seem to be forced by Comodo to loose the correct thread (both progs are automatic keyboard layout switchers, i.e., they monitor what’s being typed in, say, Word and figure out, which layout — Latin or Cyrillic — is to be activated).

It would be helpful if this issue is investigated by the Comodo guys.

Having played with the current version of D+ a bit longer (winXP sp3)…

All the problems described earlier do cure themselves up, if one does:
Defense+ — Advanced — Defense+ Settings — Monitoring Settings — Win/WinEvent hooks OFF

This not only applies to the start menu issue, but also to:

  1. Punto switcher (http://punto.yandex.ru/)
  2. KeySwitcher (http://www.keyswitcher.com/)

Yet, I’d sure wish to see a fix by Comodo that would not require to disable checking of these hooks.

disabling hooks monitoring is a big no no, if you do that CIs cannot watch for programs that try to hook into other programs, that opens you up for a big security risk.

That’s exactly my point. I’d love to see a real fix soon, or I’ll obviously have to uninstall comodo and switch over to {not naming the names :)}.

It is quite a critical bug for me, unfortunately.

While I’m still on this, it’d be nice to have an option to disable this hook checking for selected applications, if this is technically possible.

As for the security risk, I do understand that. At the moment it’s not a huge problem as I’m not on the move and thus well-protected not just by Comodo. But this will change in one month time…

I had this exact same problem. When I clicked on the start menu it would freeze, nothing responded but the mouse still worked fine. the list came up but nothing was selectable. I un-installed the livePC support software that seemed to be installed with Comodo this time and that seem to help I have not had that specific issue since, I still have other issue where the full scan fails and hangs my system when looking at the GIMP-2.0 install directory under program files. System seems to be quicker without it as well.
Not sure if it will help but I certainly have been better off without the LivePC support installed. I am not sure why the difference though.


Thank you Brandon!!!
I also had the same problem with the xp start menu issue. I tried all the other suggestions to fix it, but none of them worked. I uninstalled live pc support and bingo no problems since! :slight_smile:

Now that’s funny :slight_smile: I have uninstalled LivePC ages ago. This had no impact whatsoever on the start menu issue. Seems now as though there are two different bugs that might be responsible for this odd behaviour…

Good, because I’m getting the same problem! ;D

I was scared my RAM or hard drive was faulty because the problem was so random…

HI, excuse for my english…

i have see that the last updated have caused some freezing to menu ( mee to)… onother thing that happend to me is that a program "rocketdock"http://rocketdock.com/ is freezing on startup… i see it on taskbar but is freeze… if i terminate the process and i click for its restart it starts… but the problem of menu remain…

ps:without this last updating all function perfect…

tnx for your replies

my os is xp sp3
comodo:only firewall free