D+ locked Process Explorer preventing its termination (CF 3.13.1212140.574 x86)

Hi there,
Here goes a dump I’ve made with Task Manager after all of a sudden my Sysinternals Process Explorer stopped responding. I tried to finish it, but I couldn’t so I dumped it.

System: Windows Vista Home Basic SP2 x86, UAC enabled, Process Explorer under Admin privileges
Policies: Both Firewall and Defense+ under Safe Mode
Protection: Comodo Firewall protected from everything and everyone except Process Explorer and:
c:\program files\windowspace\wspace.dll (arrange windows to screen borders)
c:\windows\system32\shell32.dll , browseui.dll , dwmapi.dll

Do let me know if you want the dump, since it is 30MB in size. (110 MB uncompressed).

EDIT: I didn’t protect Process Explorer with CIS, by the way :a0