D-Link router: Ports 65460-65535 closed

Hello guys,
It’s my first post here (:HUG)
I want to ask something. I’m using a D-Link router with all security options enabled (SPI mode, Block ping, DoS protection and unpnp option disabled). I’m using also COMODO Firewall Pro 2.4.
I tested my ports using grc.com and all were stealth, except the following ports range: from 65460 to 65535. For example, if I test port 65459 and low ports numbers, all are stealth, but from 65460 to 65535 all ports were closed and not stealth as I think. I’m not running any app. that can be used such range of ports. My PC is clean too.
I googled the problem and I found a user that is using d-link router have the same issue. However no solution to the problem.
I tried to make a rule from router and also COMODO to block all communications in this range and no good result, still closed.
I want to stealth these ports.
Anybody have an idea of how can I do that? :■■■■
Thanks very much.

Welcome to the forum.
I have a D-Link DGL 4300 and I don’t have that problem…
Which model did you have?

I’m using D-Link DI-524 with 2.04 latest firmware. Revision B.
Anyway, here’s the forum I found in Google: http://forum.ncix.com/forums/index.php?mode=showthread&forum=105&threadid=922093&pagenumber=1&subpage=1

First I can ask if you have the setting “Discard PING from WAN side” enabled?
You probably have that right, otherwise you would get a lot of ports open…

Then it seems like the only way to get those ports stealthed is to forward them to an internal IP on your network that is not used. On one site they said that you should do these settings in virtual server.

The best thing is probably to go to the support and ask D-Link about this issue.
Sorry that I couldn’t help.

Yes, I’ve such option enabled. I followed the instructions to forward these range of ports to an invalid LAN IP and this worked.
Thanks very much.
Anyway I think I’ll contact D-Link support soon.

It would be nice if you could post here what their reply on this is.
I want to know… ;D

Wow, my D-Link 804hv has those ports as closed too.

Closed it not a bad thing, but it kinda gives away what your your using (-: .