D+ Installer or Updater Predefined Policy

Somewhere along the line I seem to have lost the predefined policy for “Installer or Updater” in D+. :-[ Can someone look and tell me what the settings should be? :slight_smile: Thanks; Ed.

Don’t quite understand your problem… If you’ve set the HIPS to Install/Update mode, I think CFP will popup after a short reasonable time for you to disable it again once the installation process is done.

Under Defense+/Predefined Security Policies there was a set of standard Access Rights/Protection Settings for “Installer or Updater” that was used by some of the predefined rules. It is missing and I would like to reconstruct the “ask/allow/block” matrix for it. I am asking someone to look up that predefined policy in V3 and tell me what the matrix columns are. Thanks; Ed.

I JUST found it while reading the help file :):

At least this is what mine is.

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Thats the list of applications I was referring to that use the predefined rule set “installer or updater”. If you go to Defense+/predefined security policies, “installer or updater” should be on the list. If you select it and go to “edit”, then “access rights”, there should be a matrix of what the access rights of an “installer or updater” are. Similarly, under “protection settings” a yes/no list. These are what I want to reconstruct, instead of just guessing at them. Thanks; Ed.

“Installer or Updater” is a special policy and it is not listed nor editable

They are built-in and you should be able to re-create them.

(Yes, I know my GUI is a little messed up. I have no idea why).

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OK, I’ll just continue to use it as a secret policy, but seems strange to have such a thing in Comodo. ???

Does it auto activate the installation mode?

Think of it as a Trusted policy.

You can change the trusted policy to block all. So In order to have installer to work with a Trusted policy they made up this solution.