D+ installed separately?

Quick question… can D+ be installed separately? That is, can it be installed by itself, without the firewall?


mantra is correct. Still you can install the full firewall and just disable the firewall part of Comodo Firewall Pro.


If I wanted to do that, and just run D+, and keep my current firewall, would I have to uninstall my existing firewall prior to installing CFP? Is the option to disable CPF given during the install process?

I’m trying to figure out if it is feasible to run, say, ZoneAlarmPro and D+ together, and also determine how to go about it?

Thank you for your replies.

You can disable Comodo’s firewall and use only Defense+.

I’ve never tried it, but if I recall correctly you can’t chose much in the CFP setup progress. You shouldn’t have to uninstall your other firewall, but maybe you’d better disable it temporarily when installing CFP (don’t forget disconnecting from the internet). Then go to the CFP interface, set “Firewall Security Level” to “Disabled” and also remove all global rules in “Network Security Policy”. After that, CFP’s firewall part should be disabled and you can re-enable your other firewall.

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Thank you LA and MrBrian.

I hope you are correct, LA, about being able to install CPF without first uninstalling ZAP, and then disabling CPF. I would love to hear from forum members who have tried this configuration… not necessarily D+ and ZAP, but D+ and any other firewall besides CPF, so I can hear about the installation process.

Again, thank you.

You’re welcome :). CFP, by the way, warns during the installation about programs that are known to be incompatible with CFP. CFP is one program, but you can separately disable its firewall and/or Defense+ parts.

In general, I believe that having two firewalls operating at the same time is not a problem, unless there is a specific problem between the two firewalls. In general, you’d get alerts from 2 firewalls for network activity, instead of 1 firewall.

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I would also like to hear from other forum members. At this point I can’t really recommend my solution, it’s just an idea.

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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you will need to uninstall ZA, reboot, install CFP, reboot, disable the firewall component, reboot, install ZA and then reboot.

You may be able to get away without some of the reboots, but IMHO, you should reboot at each stage to ensure that your changes are initialized before making a subsequent change.

Also, do a search for ZA’s uninstall tool. They have made a separate tool to totally remove ZA and it is recommended to use this prior to installing any other firewall, even if you are going to nobble it straight away.

All that remains now is WHY??? :wink: :slight_smile:

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So it’s really necessary to uninstall ZA?

Thanks Ewen for pointing this out, I just hope fracTure sees it in time. :-[ :slight_smile:


Not being one to rush into things, I’ve seen what everyone has written before making a move. I spend a lot of time beforehand researching options and checking for issues, then I start screwing things up! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies. Every one is appreciated.

I would have to join the chorus with panic…WHY? Sounds like mixing gasoline and diesel. If you are to attempt this I would hope this is not a production machine.

Why what? Why keep ZAP? Why try to run D+ without CPF? I’ve been using either ZA or ZAP to protect my computers for 8 years. I am not unhappy with the protection they provide. I am currently researching HIPS programs, to bolster my security layers. So I am not “in the market” for a new firewall, but I am investigating programs like D+. If I learned here that it is feasible to run D+ without the accompanying firewall, I could then look closer at the posssibility of trying it out. If I learned that it was not feasible, I could simply scrap the idea.

grayhair, are you saying D+ and ZAP are incompatible (“gasoline and diesel”)? And please elaborate on what you mean by “I would hope this is not a production machine”.

Thank you for your advice.

Its risky i found this,


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I stand by my post last year:

I’m not familiar with ZoneAlarm, but I still believe it’s possible to completely disable it…

As for the “why” thing, I was not wondering why fracTure is interested in the setup we are discussing, I wondered why one has to uninstall ZA!


Even if a firewall (especially today’s firewalls that that have leak-fighting features) is disabled, the driver is probably still loaded and that part is where the conflict(s) originate.

The more we discuss this, the more tempted I get to try it. I guess I can roll back a bloated Windows registry (from installing ZA) with ERUNT.


If you encounter any strangeness in either products (perhaps in the long run), this would be a key point to remember.