D+ hangs application

I have a legal RF application with local license and cannot configure D+ to block it’s certain access through IE. The application calls IE to phone home and if I set D+ to paranoid mode, after the application goes through the DCOM interface approval, D+ causes it to hang. D+ also hang the application with safe mode, same place after DCOM interface approval. Disable D+ after it hangs the application will not relieve the problem, the application continues to hang, even though I have deleted that application policy in Comodo’s computer security policy. The only way to cure that problem is to restart the computer. The call before D+ hangs the application is DCOM interface.IE.Application

After restart computer, If I set D+ at clean PC mode then that application goes through and works. Any tweaking D+ to remove the allowance of IE in interprocess memory access through access right or block it, will cause it to hang and only restart computer will let it runs again.

I also have it installed in a laptop with wireless enable/disable switch. And no Comodo Firewall/D+. It works just fine if I disable the wireless switch and let’s it call nowhere.

I think I have this problem a while back when Comodo upgrade to 3.5 but the 1st release of this Firewal/D+ (3.0-3.2?) doesn’t cause this problem. It wasn’t annoying then.

And Happy New Year to all of you guys. (:WIN)