D+ forgetting blocked files

i have 3 processes in my “my blocked files” list but every so often the list just clears and the processes are free to run. It has happened about 3 times in the last month. This could be dangerous if malware was on the list.

I am running vista home basic 64 bit
Full CIS 3.8
Defense plus is in clean PC mode.

I was happy that defense plus has started remembering the trusted software vendors again but now its forgetting these.


It’s not that it is forgetting them. There is a bug that any changes made to the list cause CIS to believe it requires an update. If you let it update, it reinstalls the default list.

My trusted software vendors list is fine now, It doesn’t say it needs an update when the listed is added to like it did before. And it doesn’t say there updates when the blocked list is updated either. It just randomly removes the items on the list. There would have to be something triggering the behaviour but i cant tell what it just seems to be random.