D+ doesn't alert me when a browser helper object is added to internet explorer

hello everybody,
i’ve made a test program (certainly not “safe”) that adds a “dummybho” subkey to registry key “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\explorer\Browser Helper Objects”.
D+ didn’t alert me for the modification although protected registry group “Automatic Startup” includes “*\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Browser Helper Objects*”.
can anybody help???

Why are you double and triple posting?

If you want the best browser protection then DONT use Internet Explorer. Use Firefox with No Script and Ad Blocker. Thats what we all do around here.

you suggest firefox? is more secure than ie? i didnt know it. thank you for the info. i’ll try it!

Firefox has been out for years. Where have you bee hiding?

i’ve not been hiding, i’ve just got used to microsoft products, thanks again for the recomendation anyway

Make Internet Explorer and Firefox web browsers under the firewall policy. Also install these 2 add ons for Firefox.

We all suggest Firefox.

It is also faster then IE, & you can customize it to your needs.

Goodluck (:WIN)

Opera is another good browser to use, if Firefox isn’t to your liking.

No we don’t, the smart people use Opera :wink:

!ot! Okay let’s not turn this into a debating competition & keep on topic. ;D 8)


well, i’ve downloaded firefox. my av injected a web protection toolbar in it as did in ie7, but ie7 add ons menu informs me of every bho, active x, add on, menu extension, etc. i didnt find a menu in firefox to inform me of the av toolbar. this doesnt seems very secure…i mean av toolbar has a gui, but what if it hadn’t? if a mal add on was installed it would appear nowhere…
after all, my initial question isn’t answered (i consider that firefox isn’t an answer to it, million of people use ie, shoud they migrate to firefox to be protected???)

I know…

But FF is taking over. in FireFox, Go to Tools>Add Ons & Disable the AV Toolbar from there :slight_smile:


ok, thank you very much, but is this fully disables the toolbar function or just hides the gui? my av also installs a no gui bho for “intrusion prevention” in ie7, if it’s also installed in ff how can i track it down? (:KWL)

Remember, Firefox is your default Browser now. Only use IE when ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY!!

It will fully disable the AV Toolbar… Firefox: Look for it in extensions/plugins, and uninstall it. Don’t worry about IE.


You do not need to install Comodo with the toolbar. See here