D+ do not alert for clipboard logger activity

Just test “Through the Eyes of a Keylogger” & read discussion at

There is a problem with tests 3,4.
D+ (ultra paranoid mode) does not warn you about clipboard logger activity, so this application can easily intercept your clipboard. Also can intercept the description of the tabs open at your browser and what applications launch…
(at the first 2 tests, keyloger & screenloger functions alerted ok by D+)

Little scared about this ???
(I did the test an my CIS D+ paranoid mode, allowed app to execute and block other pop-ups for direct access to keyboard,screen)

Thanks for moving it here, i realized also that this feature is not supported , so the wish is :

Add at D+ settings/Monitor settings something about clipboard control.

Maybe it sounds too paranoid, but there are a lot of paranoid users out there ;D

This monitor can be disabled by default, but an advanced user may turn it on. For example, I would like to enable clipboard ability only to firefox, word, explorer applications and disable for the other apps…
Another real life example: sometimes a password is really big & random, so it’s easier to copy/paste (from a protected area of course). Without any clipboard control, this could be too risky…


Hello! Your wish might be close… according to egemen a developer D+ will be improved in 3.9 some HIPS tests that it failed will be fixed…

One of them is this:


What other tests was something he did not say… but here is the quote!

Hi Monkey_Boy=) !, good to hear it & thanx for your comment. I hope that this specific requirement will be included in 3.9 :-TU. It should be nice to have a definitive answer on this.