D+ computer freeze

I set D+ briefly to paranoid mode. Lots of alerts. But when I would open the allow list in D+ (computer security policy) it would freeze my laptop for several minutes. Therefore I had to change it back to safe mode. So what is causing this? Any fixes?

run a process explorer and see . . . check the cpu and ram . how old or new is your pc ?

I ran taskmgr. For less than a minute or so it didn’t show any increase in cpu or ram. But then it froze taskmgr too. My laptop is 2 yrs old but it is not old or by any means slow. It is dual core 2.16GHz with 4GB of ram…

Is your OS 32 or 64bits? If it is 32bits, check that “enhance protection mode” is not enabled. I’d problem of freezing on 32bits boxes with this feature enabled.

My system is 32-bits running w7 home premium. And ‘enable enhanced protection mode’ is unchecked right now.

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Is it confirm ? or do you have freezing problems in your comp ? I have been running D + in Safe Mode with " Enhance Protection Mode " checked without problems so far.

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To iroc9555 : yes my 32bits machines froze till I disabled the enhanced protection mode; i run proactive config and parano mode in Def+


Switched D+ to Paranoid Mode. I had the firewall set in Custom Policy already and I have always ran CIS in Proactive Security Config. I let you know tomorow if I experience any freezing with Enhanced Protection Mode enable. All well up to now.


Enhanced protection mode is to improve the security offered by D+ to 64bits OS and level it with the one offered to 32bits. It is of no use for 32bits os, I’m perfectly happy with this feature disabled as I don’t need it.

Moreover it doesn’t help the OP continuing to discuss enhanced protection mode in this topic as it doesn’t seem to be the culprit of his problem still unresolved.

If the problem started when you switched to paranoid mode did you create any specific rules in computer security policy. When in paranoid mode did your create any rules especially operating system wise. If so go back and remove any of these rules. That’s the only thing I can think of with the scenario. If that fails to resolve the issue then uninstall and reinstall of Comodo is probably the best option.

I didn’t create any rules. To be sure I did an uninstall and reinstall and still the same problem. This seems like a bug.

did you take the time to see if the pc behaved the same from uninstall to the reinstall of Comodo ? At least you could see if it’s your os or comodo ? Try right clicking on the icon in the taskbar and disable sandbox, firewall, antivirus, and D+ and see what happens . Maybe who knows ?

sAyer did you read my initial post because you lost me there. There are no problems other than when paranoid mode is on in D+ and opening network/computer security policy.

I did and the devil is in the details. I misunderstood exactly the point you were making, and anyway good luck with the dilemma

Posted this in report a bug section of the forum.

If you know your machine is clean I’d try running in training mode, rebooting, open/close CIS interface and Computer Security policy ~ D+ rules. Then back to paranoid.

Also try replacing theme More ~ Preferences ~ Appearance by the windows theme.

Also maybe try purging rules

If this does not help there’s a long thread by McBrian on operating in paranoid mode, you should find something there or PM him.

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