D+ Changes

If you click on an item in D+ you get a screen called “Application System Activity Control”. On that screen are two buttons - “Access Rights” and “Protection Settings”. Clicking on those gives you two more screens. Then you can click on one of the modify buttons and see “Allowed Applications” and “Blocked Applications”.

It would be nice to be able to see everything in one place - that is - a feature that would list ALL the applications in D+ and what the access rights and protection settings for each access name (e.g., Run an executable) and the Allowed Applications and the Blocked Applications.

Access Right
Access Name
Allowed Application
Blocked Application
Protection Settings
Protection Type

Make it so you can run it to a spreadsheet - that way you can sort it the way you need to and find where you might have conflicts. When you have 150 applications in D+ it becomes a real problem to debug the list.

This is being worked on in the new GUI. :slight_smile: