D+ blocks MS Visual Studio [HELP]

I’m running Windows XP SP2. After upgrading to Comodo FW v.3.0 it started to learn. All was running OK until I open MS Visual Studio and tried to to a build. VS complained about accesing file “…/Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003/Common7/Tools/vcspawn.exe”. I located the file in Comodo D+ Tasks / Computer security policy. I tried everything I could imagine: mark the file as Trusted application, as Isolated application, as Windows system application, even to give customized permissions, but everything failed. I even I removed the file from the list (by the way, it never reappeared there althought I swiiched to different D+ modes). Finally the only way to work I found was to disable D+

Any better idea? Thank you

I have also had problems with MS Visual Studio (2003). I ran a build, and wound up with 800+ files in my pending files list. Most (99%) ewre temporary files generated during the build, which would be fruitless to add to the My Safe Files section, because the next build would place the files in different folders. I have chosen to switch back to V 2.4 until I see the level of issues with V3 come down. As far as I am concerned, this was a disastrous update, which has cost me more than three hours this morning trying to unravel.

the first time i used Visual Studio after installing Comodo, when the prompts came up i selected “Trusted Application”, i had no trouble making a build, but trying to run the program i wrote i received an error message, i was only able to run program if i right clicked and “ran as Administrator”