D+ Blocking legitimate programs

I think CIS is great, but One thing that annoys me is that, it blocks completely safe programs you install sometimes. It is better, but I wish D+ would not do this.

You can always report these applications here:

Submit Applications Here To Be Whitelisted - 2011

Blocks or asks?
Its very easy to give one answer and the program runs. If you want to give an “in general” answer for a specific program.
Example: Treat firefox as “web browser”.

I rather expect defense+ to ask. I am surprised when it doesnt :wink:

No, It blocked it and I had to put it on safe lists. But I had other instances with other programs were it asked.

do as HeffeD suggested. Could you show us the d+ events?

For the future, you can add the installer in d+ exclusions (d+ → d+ settings → Executions Control Settings → Add.) Make sure that the wanted is safe.

Have you enabled the sandbox? From what you say, it sounds as if some (unknown, but legitimate to you) programs/installers get inserted , and the restriction would be too much for letting them work. And others (known, also legitimate to you), are not inserted, so you get a question, and they work.

Try what happens if you disable the sandbox. If you depend your actions on having the comodo sandbox enabled, dont forget to enable it again :wink:

Then we know that the sandbox settings are the point, and can proceed to solve this.


This has always been a noticeable problem from which Programs that are safe are not in the white list. Sandbox Was enabled. I ended up disabling D+ and firewall completely for the installation.

If you are sure that the file is safe, disable just the sandbox. That should do the trick for you.

Never disable the firewall for an installation! Avoid to disable defense+ for an installation. Because malware could let you think, it is “blocked”, but in reallity it would never “install” at all, apart from the infection of your computer, when the security is off.

You can disable the sandbox fast in case you “have to”, with the tray icon, right click menu.

Solved with this?

dude. it is already install. this website is trusted by multiple security software including the creator of they game and it’s patches

I just gave you related general tips. That would be valid for many things. I dont even now what program you are talking about :smiley:

And i wanted to help you that you dont have a problem with things like this in the future, so i told you, try without sandbox then.
At least, never disable the firewall for an installation :wink:

ok…Patch for Forged alliance is wahat I was downloading.